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So many modules for your website, ready to use


So many integrations, ready to use for your website



Complete your website with various accounting programs (ERP) integration, N11, Gittigidiyor, HepsiBurada and custom supplier XML integrations.
Hundreds of software specs are ready to use for your website

All data belonging to your e-commerce site is stored in the cloud, data on your server is not stored in a physical device, fire, crash, power failure and so on. your site is always accessible.

Your E-Commerce site has been crafted according to new standards, encoded with HTTP / 2 and ALPN technology, which allows your site to run much faster and consume less resources.

When the number of your product or site increases, we do not encounter additional invoices, we provide you with unlimited space.

We're closely monitoring Google's published algorithm changes and we're always updating the infrastructure of your site according to the latest requirements. We offer you all the contents you need to update for internal SEO.

We provide SSL certificate to all of our customers, our system goes through pentests periodically and we continuously update the infrastructure required for fraud operations.

All of our packages are coded and designed responsibly in all devices. We do not charge any additional charges for mobile compatibility in accordance with the requirements of the era.

Our technical support team and our R&D team, all of our engineers, support you with all the problems you may have with your site.

E-Commerce sector is constantly evolving and changing sector, not only how to use our panel, but also the progress of the sector with the training and activities are transferred to you.

E-Export to make all necessary cargo, payment, exchange rate, geo-location, language, such as integration is ready in the field, all you need to do is to attract customers abroad.

Tens and increasing number of modules, ready to use for your business model

We integrate your ERP, Accounting and CRM systems with your e-commerce site.

With the Multilanguage feature, you can publish your e-commerce site in accordance with Google rules in multiple languages.

For companies that have completed the transition to E-Invoice, we make your e-billing and printing easier through integrators.

With the Geo-Location feature, which is a must for export e-commerce sites, we can show content in its language by knowing which browser language your visitors are using.

Our systems are updated for you with instant exchange rate changes for e-commerce sites with different exchange rates.

Our Cheque Paper module is in your service, which facilitates the operation and provides full integration for e-commerce sites that make sales.

We are ready for you to personalize your products according to your customers' needs and tastes (name, change color etc.)

Thanks to the advanced statistics module, you can easily see what is happening on your e-commerce site in day/month/quarter/year format.

You can also offer other products with a product thanks to the cone module which is a basic need of e-commerce sites in the textile sector.

We know how hard it is to install thousands of products, we have our product loading module ready with Excel to make your job easier.

We ensure that your products can be filtered according to your specifications so that your visitors will not be lost among thousands of products.

You can limit the installments to a certain term in the product and product groups you want. You can quickly adapt your site to changing laws and adjust your balance of payment yourself.

Tens and increasing number of different integrations are ready to use for your website

Projesoft across Turkey is giving full integration with the most widely used marketplaces. With N11, Amazon, Hepsiburada, Gittigidiyor, Trendyol and ePTTAvm, you can synchronize your products as you wish.

We are fully integrated with Logo GO, Logo Tiger, Logo J-Platform, Mikro, Nebim Winner, Nebim V3, ETA, Giz, BaYT and SAP, so you can work more time and spend more time focusing on turnover.

We are working with Akakçe, Alve and Cimri in order to take place in product and price comparison websites which are a new habit of e-commerce users. You don't need to add your products back to related sites.

Our integrations are ready for payment systems designed so that you do not need to rent a virtual POS through multiple banks. This way, you can easily work with iPara, Payu, Iyzico, Parampay, Hepsipay, BKM Express and Bonus Flash.

With our Virtual POS integration you can work comfortably with all banks operating in Turkey.

You can receive your products in order to send your products Aras Cargo, MNG Cargo, Domestic Cargo, Speed Cargo, UPS Cargo, B2C Direct, Aramex have been provided with our integration and you can take action quickly on all your shipments.

We work in integration with Criteo, which provides great convenience when advertising products on your E-Commerce site and allows you to attract customers as a new channel.

With Google Enhanced E-Commerce Integration, you can easily track which product you're getting from your Google Analytics account, how much visitors have been mounted, etc. you can see, optimize.

You can add all your Facebook Pixels, Adwords conversion and remarketing codes with Google Tag Manager to your e-commerce site, Hotjar and so on. You can easily add tracking tools, A / B testing tools, and hundreds of additional tools to your site.


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